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Several protestors holding 'refugee freedom' signs at The Park Hotel in Swanston Street, Melbourne.

Novak Djokovic’s stay at a detention hotel highlights how things should change, migration experts say. 


The 'medevac' law provides protection from people who do not recognise the legitimate medical needs of asylum seekers, UNSW's Kaldor Centre will tell a Senate inquiry on Monday.


A proposed permanent ban on some refugees would entrench the separation of families, says a UNSW joint submission to a Senate committee hearing today.

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Australia already has an extensive suite of anti-terrorism legislation, and the government hasn’t clarified what gap, if any, this new bill would fill.

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Australia is proposing some of the toughest citizenship stripping laws in the world as it steps up efforts to curb extremist attacks - but the proposed law could run into significant legal hurdles.

peter dutton

Australia's Migration Act allows for ministerial discretion in cases such as the controversial granting of tourist visas to four au pairs - but there remain questions around responsible government.


A new bill gives the immigration minister unprecedented control over the process to acquire citizenship, writes Sangeetha Pillai.

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The immigration minister's scope for discretion in the proposed legislation to strip dual nationals involved in terrorism of their Australian citizenship is cause for concern, writes Sangeetha Pillai.


Recent national security proposals and the ongoing focus on asylum seekers have raised questions about what it means to be an Australian citizen, write Gabrielle Appleby and Sangeetha Pillai.

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Proposed changes to Australian citizenship will likely be limited in effectiveness, challenging to implement and possibly counter-productive, writes Sangeetha Pillai.