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A brand new theatre and performance venue will be named the Esme Timbery Creative Practice Lab after the renowned shell artist and Bidjigal elder.


“If you are into horror, then go ahead, try it out,” was the invitation to visitors at the Bodies and Interfaces exhibition at UNSW.


80-year-old Elizabeth Dalman was "born to dance". Now she's exploring the next phase of her career ahead of her induction to dancing's Hall of Fame.

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Singer, songwriter and sound artist Miriama Young is spearheading a new discipline in Sonic Arts at UNSW.

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The opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics was a summary of the Putin era: new media and classicism combined to celebrate nationalism, pride and a symbolic resurrection of Empire, argues Greg Dolgopolov.

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Major app developers make enormous sums from basic and derivative games, so why shouldn’t independent game makers like the creator of Flappy Bird do the same, asks Thomas Apperley. 

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Console games are no longer banned in China, opening up a huge market for manufacturers. But can they succeed in a culture where consumers are used to getting their software and games for free, asks Thomas Apperley. 

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Tropfest is one of the most prestigious awards available to up-and-coming short filmmakers. And on Sunday it was awarded to a gross-out film that has offended and alienated many in its target audience, writes Greg Dolgopolov. 

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The British Film Festival offers much to please audiences – but how connected is it to the Brit diaspora, asks Greg Dolgopolov. 

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We need a total turn-around in the way we approach the film industry: we need to put distribution and exhibition at the forefront of our policies and our approach to attracting and developing audiences, argues Lauren Carroll Harris.