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A parliamentary inquiry is reviewing Australian and East Timorese relations, but is it hearing from the right mix of stakeholders, asks Clinton Fernandes.

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Australia needs leadership that can build social cohesion and solidarity among our increasingly diverse populations, writes Lindy Edwards.

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The GFC and the necessity of the stimulus package meant the Labor government has been unable to clear the slate of its predecessor, with disastrous long-term consequences, writes Lindy Edwards.

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The way we commemorate wartime sacrifice and its influence on our national identity must be kept in balance and context, writes Alan Stephens.

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Our centenary observances tend to be monumental wastes of time and money and we are about to do it all again with the Great War, argues Jeffrey Grey.

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The current political meltdown is not all about personality issues - the party is at war because there are traditions jostling for dominance, argues Lindy Edwards.

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Tony Abbott's attempt to explain 'authentic Aborigines' was more than just rude, argues Lindy Edwards.

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Australia will need to stake out an independent position on matters that come before the Security Council while developing a national approach to the global agenda, writes Anthony Burke.

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How our politicians view the world has a direct impact on people's everyday lives, writes Lindy Edwards.


Successive Australian governments have skewed our defence priorities and failed our soldiers, argues Alan Stephens.