School of Media Arts

16 SWF interns 1

Three UNSW students are gaining behind-the-scenes experience at the Sydney Writers’ Festival as interns after surviving a competitive selection process.

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Australian press photographers help record Australian history. So what are we to make of Fairfax's decision to sack its staff photographers and instead source photos from a digital database in the US, asks Phillip George. 

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Is the latest visual campaign to stop the boats – in the form of a graphic novel – enough to counter asylum seekers' fear, panic and desperate need of humanitarian refuge, asks Phillip George. 

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Analogue TV may be on the way out – but it’s been an involving medium for artists, writes John Gillies. 

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Is the Vivid festival just about light and colour and bling, or is it also about ideas and images that challenge us, asks Phillip George.

Butterfly Dragon 2

The tale of a mythical creature transforming into a majestic dragon, created by COFA graduate Sushan Yue, is UNSWTV’s most popular video.

Lynne moonscape inside

A stark desert nightscape, captured by a COFA academic, has won a national photography prize.