School of Optometry and Vision Science


Eye care research highlights the widespread problem of vision impairment in PNG, prompting advocates like Dr Anthea Burnett to keenly pursue widespread optometry services.


In a country where optometrists are one in 4 million, UNSW is supporting a dramatic expansion in health care that will change how many people see their world.


The public can take advantage of the latest evidence-based treatments for short-sightedness with the introduction of a new Myopic Control Clinic at UNSW.

Contact lens 300x270

Wearing overnight specially designed rigid contact lenses that reshape the eye could remove the need for reading glasses in middle age, a UNSW study shows.

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Work is underway to discover if human tears can play a role in the early diagnosis of breast and prostate cancer.

Holden inside

For his breakthrough work in tackling vision impairment, Professor Brien Holden has been awarded the Schwab Social Entrepreneur Award for Africa.

A new state-of-the-art eye testing centre has opened at UNSW, offering free services to the public - thanks to the generosity of Guide Dogs NSW/ACT.