Woman in a hammock reading a book

When Jane Gleeson-White’s marriage ended two years after her mother died, she lost her voice. Books by women writers like Rachel Cusk, Olivia Laing and Maggie Nelson helped her find it again.

Aerial view of Warragamba dam in the Blue Mountains

To build drought resilence, Sydney must invest in rainfall-independent water supplies

A bat flying

Bats may have lived in caves and used soundwaves to navigate much earlier than first thought.

Photo of teenage boy sitting in classroom with two female classmates in background

The research sheds light on the biological basis of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Signatories of the Indonesian student MOU

UNSW is set to deepen its regional ties through a new program with Indonesia’s major electricity provider. 

Bushfire Helicopter water.jpg

A combination of increased insurance premiums, increased bushfire risk and updated building codes could mean insurance policyholders are underinsured – or not insured at all. 

large solar power station aerial view

New research suggests Australia will need to adjust to climate-driven shifts in solar power production.

Two female and one male students in a lab

The SAGE Athena Swan Cygnet Award recognises UNSW Sydney’s progress in reducing barriers to gender equity.

Caring for carers

Understanding how caring ends is integral for improving support for carers, says an expert from UNSW’s Centre for Social Research in Health.

employees at diraq in a scientific laboratory

UNSW Sydney records 12 spinouts and 47 patent applications in the most recent Survey of Commercialisation Outcomes from Public Research Summary Report.