social policy

Homeless man on footpath

An alternative approach to welfare could replace policies that are failing to address homelessness. 


Australia’s policymakers must address the cultural and institutional barriers that exist for Indigenous Australians instead of framing them as a problem for society. 

domestic violence

The way violence degrades women's financial status affects lives across generations. Yet the issue remains in the shadows, write Jane Bullen and Natasha Cortis.


Young people and the very old are our happiest citizens, with those in mid-life having lower life satisfaction, a national survey shows.


The fallout from the Global Financial Crisis and its impact on the welfare sector is the focus of the country’s pre-eminent conference on social policy, held at UNSW this month.


Australia’s young people are facing urgent problems, including a youth unemployment rate of 13.9% and demand for jobs that is far outstripping supply, write Kristy Muir, Abigail Powell and Rose Butler.

29 prison istock crop

If reducing the numbers of Indigenous Australians in prison is to be achieved, then we need to invest more in research on alternatives, write Paul Simpson and Michael Doyle.