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A UNSW student team of ‘Aussie battlers’ is less than three months away from creating the Southern Hemisphere’s first road legal solar sports car. 


As the UNSW Sunswift solar racing team works to realise its dream of building Australia's first road-legal solar car, we take a look at the almost two-decade long journey to bring solar-electric cars within reach of the average driver. Last year the team, staffed entirely by undergraduate student

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A team of UNSW students will challenge a 26-year-old world record on Wednesday to prove their electric car meets the needs of Australia's driving public.

Sunswift race

UNSW's solar racing car, Sunswift, is in the middle of a gruelling battle against the best in the world, as it competes in a global solar car challenge from Darwin to Adelaide.

UNSW's solar racing team is celebrating its victory in the Global Green Challenge from Darwin to Adelaide. Sunswift IV was the first Australian car to cross the finish line.

Sunswift inside 0

UNSW's Sunswift solar racing team has unveiled a new car which can reach 115km/h using the same amount of power it takes to make your morning toast.

Sunswift test inside

The UNSW Sunswift Solar Racing Team is once again ready to do battle in the World Solar Challenge, a gruelling race from Darwin to Adelaide. They'll be relying the power of the sun - and some very clever thinking.