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The UNSW Sunswift solar car team overcame major setbacks to drive across the continent and set a world record this week. It was a determined return to form for the UNSW students.

UNSW Sydney's Sunswift solar electric car team is about to embark on a trans-Australia mission aiming to set a benchmark in energy efficiency - and maybe show Tesla a thing or two as well.


A rear suspension failure has forced Sunswift Violet, designed and built by UNSW engineering students, to withdraw from the 2017 World Solar Challenge.


Sunswift Violet, designed and built by engineering students at UNSW, is on its way to Darwin to compete in the World Solar Challenge. 


Sunswift Violet, a sleek four-seat sedan designed and built by engineering students at UNSW, will be unveiled at a media breakfast on Thursday, 19 September.


Tesla battery engineer Sam Paterson is right where he wants to be –facilitating the clean energy shift.


Sunswift eVe – the world’s fastest long range electric car – is on a regional outreach tour across NSW this week.

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Members of UNSW’s Sunswift solar car team have featured in the best photos taken last week for the SnapSydney campaign run by NewsLocal.


It may officially be the world’s fastest electric car, but Sunswift eVe ­– Australia’s entry in the annual international solar car race – has a tough battle ahead to beat cashed-up teams from the Netherlands and Germany.


The Sunswift student racing team behind the world's fastest solar car celebrates its 20th anniversary this week. Wilson da Silva plots the story behind five cars, three world records and more than 35,000 kilometres of phenomenal success.