UNSW Sydney has experts to analyse the Defence Strategic Review and the future of Australia's defence capability. 

Virginia Class submarine

UNSW Sydney nuclear materials engineer Dr Edward Obbard explains the difficulty in identifying and training the huge numbers of new workers required for Australia to build and maintain its own nuclear submarines.


Dr Edward Obbard says AUKUS agreement won’t lead to Australia developing nuclear weapons.

us navy nuclear submarine virginia in 2004

Australia's unexpected move to nuclear submarines and the AUKUS alliance raises challenges with China and cost blowouts, say UNSW experts on defence and international relations.

nuclear submarine hms ambush travels at surface level with crew in the conning tower

The AUKUS partnership puts Australia in a uniquely strengthened position, says UNSW defence expert Paul Maddison.


How grounded in strategic reality is the Australian government’s decision to purchase 12 new submarines, asks Greg Austin.