Smaller super funds are just as efficient as some of the very largest, bucking industry belief that biggest is best, writes Rob Nicholls.


Enshrining the objective of superannuation in legislation could have unintended consequences, writes Anthony Asher.


There is a "naïve belief" that independent superannuation directors, good governance and superior fund performance are interlinked, new research shows.


Research from UNSW's Business School suggests many people may be misreading information from their superannuation fund, leading to confusion about investment risk.

Retirement plan

Super still leads but researchers are considering the alternatives​.

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Many retirees can and should use their financial assets to bolster their standard of living, write Rafal Chomik and Susan Thorp.

Superannuation Labor

In announcing it would change the way superannuation is taxed if elected, Labor has grasped the superannuation reform nettle by the hand, writes Gordon Mackenzie.


A system of credits would go a long way to ensuring carers are not penalised in retirement for their selfless service, writes Myra Hamilton.

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David Murray’s Financial System Inquiry may call for the removal of superannuation tax breaks but the government’s tax discussion paper, due to be released next week, is unlikely to do the same, writes Gordon Mackenzie.

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The superannuation system does not need more regulation; it needs a regulator equipped and prepared to use the powers it has, writes Scott Donald.