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Stamp duty reform is needed in times of crisis where for every day parts of Australia are in lockdown, billions of dollars are taken away from subsidies to the states, says a UNSW property expert.

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The long game is what counts in superannuation tax reform, writes John Piggott.

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It might sound odd to us in Australia, but Norwegians have been able to see how much their fellow citizens earn, and how much tax they pay, for centuries, writes Usan W. Chohan.

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Turnbull's tax reform proposal would have made the states tax and spend efficiently, and compete for advantage. No wonder they hated it, writes Richard Holden.


Owner-occupiers and foreign investors will drive new housing even if tax incentives for investors are taken away, write Richard Holden and Saul Eastlake.

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Australia's tax system can help create an economic shift towards a sustainable innovation pipeline, writes Alex Evans.

Superannuation Labor

In announcing it would change the way superannuation is taxed if elected, Labor has grasped the superannuation reform nettle by the hand, writes Gordon Mackenzie.


Any revenue gains from the move to amend or abolish the tax imputation system will prove illusory, writes Peter Swan.

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The most regressive outcome would be to leave the Australian tax system just as it is, writes Richard Holden.

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The Government's announcement that it's changing the rules on fringe benefits tax and cars is another example of just how difficult meaningful and principled tax reform is in Australia, writes Dale Boccabella.