The government's move to include low-value online bought goods in the GST doesn't treat overseas and local sellers in the same way, writes Kathrin Bain.


UNSW’s Dale Boccabella says it is time to start a debate over the desired tax status of homes. 


A decision to postpone the introduction of a 32% tax on working holidaymakers has been welcomed by UNSW tax expert Dale Boccabella, who says it risked denting our international reputation.

Malcolm Turnbull

Is Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull right to say that Labor plans to increase taxes by A$100 billion over ten years? James Morley investigates.


Recent history tells us that we should be cautious about newly minted prime ministers promising to fix the federation, writes Paul Kildea.

Cayman Islands

John Taylor explores whether investing in hedge funds in tax havens is both legal and ethical.


The notion that revealing how much big companies pay in tax might expose their CEOs to kidnapping is just one of the more colourful arguments in a litany of bogus excuses for non-disclosure, writes Jeffrey Knapp.


Proposals to share the income tax base across the federation have merit, however there are design issues that have to be analysed carefully, write Neil Warren and Richard Eccleston. 


Making ride-sharing drivers register for GST is simply ensuring that "shared economy" services are treated no differently, writes Katherin Bain.

Joe Hockey

Tax breaks to small business owners outlined in the Federal Budget could lead to greater compliance costs and more 'gaming' of the system, warns Chris Evans.