Tim Harcourt

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The consequences of Brexit mean Australian exporters need to stop focusing on Britain and think more about Europe.

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Experts from around the world are working hard to understand what Donald Trump's economic policies mean for global trade systems.

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It may be happening far away, but Australia could be deeply affected by the messy Brexit situation still ongoing in the UK.


Indonesia, with its market of 262 million people, is more important to Australia than many Australians realise.


The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit faces an accelerating tide of protectionism, says UNSW Business School's Tim Harcourt.

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With economic nationalism and isolationism on the rise, what would happen if America only bought American, Australia only bought Australian etc? Professor Tim Harcourt, J.W.Nevile Fellow in Economics at the UNSW Business School, explains.

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A victory for Donald Trump in this US presidential election could result in a global trade war, says UNSW economist Tim Harcourt.

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When you punt on today’s Melbourne Cup, spare a thought for Australian export businesses who have to make their big bets on international markets in the Asian region, writes Tim Harcourt.


Australia should be careful in accusing China of dumping steel into the local market given the importance of wider bilateral relations, writes Tim Harcourt. 


A Free Trade Agreement with Britain would be of huge benefit to Australia, and by signing soon could protect against an adverse impact from the UK's decision to leavethe EU, writes Tim Harcourt.