Tim Harcourt

Sports economics

The corruption at FIFA, not to mention the blatant violation of labour standards in Qatar, show why the economic impact of global sport is everyone's business, writes Tim Harcourt. 

Death penalty

Australia must avoid retaliating in the wake of the Bali Nine executions in ways that could negatively impact the lives of ordinary Indonesians, UNSW trade expert Tim Harcourt has warned.


The Cricket World Cup is growing as an economic money spinner, with associated benefits to tourism and marketing as well as 'sports diplomacy', writes Tim Harcourt.  

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What are the economic implications for Australia if Malcolm Turnball replaced Joe Hockey as treasurer, ask Tim Harcourt and Richard Holden.

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Gough Whitlam made us confident. Confident to be Australian, confident to be ourselves and confident to take on the world knowing who we are, writes Tim Harcourt.

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We should listen more to the little Aussie battler and less to our opinionated billionaires when planning our long-term business strategies in China, writes Tim Harcourt.

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The Japan-Australia Free Trade Agreement has plenty on offer for both countries, particularly in agriculture and services, writes Tim Harcourt.

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The visit of Japan’s Prime MInister Shinzo Abe to Australia heralds the chance of export success for many Australian companies, says UNSW economist Tim Harcourt.

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If Brazil can successfully host the World Cup, its rewards in the stock market, international trade, tourism and global politics will outweigh the huge costs of running the event, writes Tim Harcourt.

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Australia’s relationship with China can progress to a new level if China agrees to sign a free trade agreement during the federal governmen's trade mission, Australian School of Business economist Tim Harcourt says.