Tim Harcourt


Even if 2016 is a tough year for the world economy, Australia is in the right place at the right time, writes Tim Harcourt. 

Indonesia Australia diplomacy

Despite the dominance of security issues and geopolitics in the media, on the business side of things Indonesia and Australia are long-standing economic partners, writes Tim Harcourt.

horse racing crowd

When you are punting on this year’s Melbourne Cup, spare a thought for Australian export businesses making big bets on international markets in the Asian region, writes Tim Harcourt.


UNSW's Airport Economist Tim Harcourt is punting on an interest rate cut from the Reserve Bank on Tuesday, just half an hour before the starter's pistol fires for the Melbourne Cup.

Joe Hockey

Joe Hockey’s experience as treasurer illustrates a few fundamental points about how not to do the nation’s top economic job, write Tim Harcourt and Richard Holden.

lucy and malcolm turnbull

Yesterday we had a Conservative government. Today we have a Liberal one, writes Tim Harcourt.

China Australia

Most Australian exporters support the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, but it shouldn't adversely affect labour standards, writes Tim Harcourt.

Free trade

Agreement on the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership could come as early as this week, writes Tim Harcourt.

Free trade

Reducing tariffs and quotas is one thing, but modern trade pacts often include coercive investor provisions that fly in the face of the notion of fairness and the worker’s right for a fair go, writes Tim Harcourt.


China has played an important role in Australia's economic development over the past three decades, writes Tim Harcourt.