World markets bounced back surprisingly quickly after Trump's election. Here are a few theories as to why, writes Mark Humphery-Jenner.

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A victory for Donald Trump in this US presidential election could result in a global trade war, says UNSW economist Tim Harcourt.


With the Rio Games underway, UNSW experts are available for comment on issues from doping in sport and the threat from Zika, to the economics of the Olympics spectacle.


The Trans Pacific Partnership is the trade deal Australia has been waiting for, and the signing caps five years of difficult talks led by the US and Australian, says Tim Harcourt. 


Leaked negotiations from a key trade deal show radical plans to deregulate services in Australia, including banking and childcare, writes Philip Dorling.


The worsening Greek debt situation is adding to investor reluctance to buy Chinese shares, according to UNSW Australia’s Visiting Fellow in Banking and Finance Vic Edwards.

Death penalty

Australia must avoid retaliating in the wake of the Bali Nine executions in ways that could negatively impact the lives of ordinary Indonesians, UNSW trade expert Tim Harcourt has warned.

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The visit of Japan’s Prime MInister Shinzo Abe to Australia heralds the chance of export success for many Australian companies, says UNSW economist Tim Harcourt.

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After the Huawei and GrainCorp decisions, the "open for business" Coalition must make welcoming foreign investment a higher priority, writes Geoffrey Garrett. 

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Brazil’s key fundamentals, including its sheer size and vast ecological wealth, keep it firmly in the “too big to ignore” camp, writes Tim Harcourt.