Momentum is building for a national agreement that empowers indigenous people to make decisions about their future.

Megan Davis

Indigenous delegates to the First Nations Constitutional Convention at Uluru opted for a comprehensive settlement, and each part of their plan has international precedents, writes Gabrielle Appleby.


Discussions between the South Australian government and three Indigenous nations have the potential to deliver meaningful change to Indigenous Australians, writes Harry Hobbs.

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If we are to have a mature and sensible debate on Indigenous recognition, we must be more willing to embrace difficult issues and diverse perspectives, writes Paul Kildea.

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Australia does not recognise the sovereignty of its first nations by way of a treaty, and the effects have been devastating, writes George Williams.

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It is time for us to take the steps that would finally unite us as one people and recognise that true reconciliation with Aboriginal Australians requires a treaty, argues George Williams.