a woman in a city at night waves to her ride share vehicle

Uber’s downsides are well publicised, but it may have a big social benefit in helping to reduce the incidence of drunk driving.

To what extent do you value convenience?

Consumer demand for convenience and time efficiency has pushed businesses to think outside the box and offer a wider range of services to make their products more accessible. However, would you pay extra for convenience?


Sensors that monitor everything a self-driving vehicle does can help determine who is liable in the case of an accident, write Raja Jurdak and Salil S. Kanhere.


Better knowledge about the local market helps Indonesia's ridesharing startup Gojek beat Silicon Valley tech company Uber, writes Nick Wailes.


Long-time taxi licence holders should not receive taxpayer funded financial compensation if ride-sharing services such as Uber become legal, a new report commissioned by Uber suggests.


As the sharing economy evolves, so do insurance models, writes Rob Nicholls.


Making ride-sharing drivers register for GST is simply ensuring that "shared economy" services are treated no differently, writes Katherin Bain.