UNSW Art & Design

Gene Sherman

Honorary doctorate awarded to Dr Sherman for her service to art and design, and her commitment to education.

Artist Fernando do Campo with a textile banner from The Kookaburra Self-Relocation Project for MONA FOMA

The Kookaburra Self-Relocation Project (WHOSLAUGHINGJACKASS) by Fernando do Campo takes to Launceston streets, interrogating colonialism and anthropocentrism.

UNSW Art & Design Damian moss

UNSW Art & Design Sessional Lecturer, Damian Moss, co-manages the Boom Gate Gallery at Long Bay Correctional Complex, where he talks on the significance of art behind bars, and how art improves health and wellbeing.

zen street historical building beside new structures

UNSW Art & Design’s Fang Xu is applying his research to complex urban renewal projects.


Ground-breaking virtual reality technology is allowing multiple scientists to see inside a human cell at the same time, giving researchers a three-dimensional tool to improve doctor interaction and help analyse how cancer drugs work.


The first Indigenous-inspired jersey worn by a national rugby team of any code has been designed by Dennis Golding, a UNSW Fine Arts student.


The biggest mental health and arts festival in the world, The Big Anxiety Festival, will be launched to the media on Wednesday 20 September. 


Art lovers have long pondered the identity of the mystery face behind the Ned Kelly mask in Sidney Nolan’s most iconic painting.


UNSW Art & Design graduate Sarah Contos has won Australia’s richest prize for young contemporary artists with The Long Kiss Goodbye, a quilt inspired by a relationship break-up.