UNSW Art & Design


Pre-Columbian ceramics and hot pink shrink-wrapped monuments are part of an exhibition exploring the influence of travel on emerging artists.  


An arrogant, larger than life figure representing Australia’s reliance on coal has been selected for a major UNSW prize in this year’s Sculpture by the Sea exhibition.

Cara Kirkwood

It’s time to embrace a more collaborative approach to cultural leadership, write Lizzie Muller and Scott East.


A new generation of designers, makers, technologists and innovators is teaming up with artists to re-imagine Sydney’s streets from the perspective of the cyclist in a major night-time festival this week.


An artwork merging holograms with audio captured from trees, created by twin brothers Vincent and Vaughan O’Connor, has been selected to the MCA’s annual exhibition of young artists – Primavera.

street of papunya

The exhibition 'Streets of Papunya' is a revelation of the power of art and its ability to transform a community, writes Joanna Mendelssohn.


This week's launch of the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre marks the international premiere of DomeLab, an immersive 3D, audio-visual experience initiated by UNSW Art & Design.


Residents of Sydney's eastern suburbs will experience a moon-lit exhibition of illuminated sculptures and sound installations created by UNSW Art & Design students.

Love and memory

With a GoPro camera strapped to her chest, Brenda L Croft is documenting her family history straight from the heart.

Log dog

Aleks Danko’s art may be profound and passionate, but there is always a joke lurking, writes Joanna Mendelssohn.