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Trailblazing UNSW Sydney academics join distinguished alumni and friends on the 2020 Australia Day honours list. 

Sinjar, Iraq: Ruined home in Sinjar, destroyed during the war with the Islamic State.

UNSW Middle East expert, Dr Farida says killing ISIS’s leader will not end its terrorism, but tapping into youth grievances could stop lone-wolf attacks.

Man shooting target at gun club

Usually, governments expect these sorts of controversies to blow over after 10 days but that is not happening.

UNSW PhD student Giselle Newton is also a donor-conceived person.

A group of donor-conceived and surrogate-born people have spoken out at the UN in a renewed push to improve the rights of access to biological information.


UNSW Middle East Lecturer Dr Mariam Farida talks about the 'special court' announced by Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, following the downing of the Ukranian passenger plane in Tehran on January 8, 2020. 

Girl holding saucepan in cacerolazo protest

A UNSW School of Arts and Media PhD candidate is combining his interest in improvised music and audience participation in the hope of creating positive social change.


UNSW Professor Deborah Lupton explores the unintended consequences of modern technology through the lens of a social researcher.

Safe and brave spaces for LGBTIQ

UNSW Associate Professor Christy Newman and Scientia PhD Candidate Sujith Kumar from the Centre for Social Research in Health discuss the importance of safe and brave spaces for LGBTIQ+ young people and allies.


Significantly more gay and bisexual men are using HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) due to increased confidence in the benefits of HIV treatment for prevention. 

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Times Higher Education (THE) journalists have named the academics and administrators who have shaped the debate in higher education in 2019.