UNSW Business School

Library lawn at UNSW

UNSW is ranked first in Australia for career impact and second overall in the nation’s newest university ranking.

Man reading his phone at night

The Guardian has accused Microsoft of reputational damage, after it displayed one of its articles alongside an inappropriate AI-generated poll.

Rows of young corn plants in cracked and parched earth

When economists model climate impacts, they look to what past weather shocks have done to the economy. But this does not remotely capture what climate change could do.

A teacher sits down at a classroom desk with a student with a disability

Education segregation could continue for Australia’s young people for at least another generation – and possibly longer – in light of the disability royal commission recommendations.

A 2023 tax return form

The Low and Middle Income Tax Offset was a flawed idea. Now that it’s gone, our tax bills are up to $1500 higher.

couple looking at laptop concerned

The way banks calculate interest means that Australian borrowers who sign up to pay 5.95% per annum pay something closer to 6.11%.

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UNSW Business School experts explain the psychological factors that cause people to fall victim to scams – and what protection can be offered.

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Many students with a disability are bullied, excluded and do not feel welcome in Australian schools. They cannot be ignored in the next National School Reform Agreement.

Institute for Climate Risk and Response

The research institute will offer advice to industry on how to assess and respond to climate change.

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Companies may be monitoring their employees working remotely, raising questions about the ethics and legality of surveillance.