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Tommy Lim forged his finance business in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, defying the concerns of his conservative parents.


The law needs to level the playing field for franchisees, says UNSW Professor Jenny Buchan. 

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Australia's focus on wellness and work-life balance in the workplace was surprising for UNSW Sydney alumna Maryia Haworth. 


Technical skills will only get you so far in your career, the rest is up to how you get on with people.


Professor of Economics Gigi Foster says everybody is judged by metrics. But what are the criteria, and do performance measurements actually help in the long run?


UNSW Business School experts have analysed the government's pre-election budget in the annual BusinessThink Budget Briefing.


The words said to you can have a profound effect on your life, says UNSW Business School graduate Mitchell Heritage. The challenge is to use negativity as a motivator.


The UNSW Sydney team was given a business problem: to assist Universidad Industrial de Santander, a South American university, to become a Top 3 educational institution in Colombia.

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Stocks are not like lottery tickets – they should be backed by research and level-headed judgement, says an investment blogger and analyst. 


Internationally renowned UNSW Professor Roger Simnett says he has never seen a more dynamic time in the industry.