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credit rating

The IMF warns of secular stagnation while Moody’s ponders a credit downgrade for Australia if GST and negative gearing are not tackled, writes Richard Holden.


There is persuasive evidence of a connection between truck driver pay and safety, writes Michael Quinlan.

air hostess

Bosses expect unpaid emotional labour, particularly from women.


The RBA leaves interest rates on hold and talks down the Aussie dollar, job ads point to Australian labour-market weakness, and the US Fed still worries about the global economy, writes Richard Holden.


Enshrining the objective of superannuation in legislation could have unintended consequences, writes Anthony Asher.

Donald Trump

Long election campaigns give candidates more opportunities to come unstuck, writes Richard Holden.

NSW Parliament

Turnbull's tax reform proposal would have made the states tax and spend efficiently, and compete for advantage. No wonder they hated it, writes Richard Holden.

credit card

This week the rising Aussie dollar gives the RBA cause for concern, credit-fuelled spending slows, and US unemployment ticks up amid growing US confidence, writes Richard Holden.

sins of the past

Without a repair of trust and a rebuilding of commitment, an organisation risks members of its workforce aggressively resisting change.


​​A new report highlights the support needed to develop a thriving start-up culture in Australia.