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Imagine a work environment where you can never take anything at face value. It may sound exhausting, yet it's integral to a modern auditor's reality.​

experimental economics

The experimental method has established itself firmly as a key tool in economists’ toolbox, writes Andreas Ortmann.

Global finance

Gripped by Grexit? Shocked by Shanghai shares? A new Australia-first undergraduate course in Global Finance, designed for students with no prior knowledge of finance, could be for you.


Greece borrowed too much money, had a giant party, and had no plan for how to pay it back. But economics isn't about the rear-view mirror, it's about the road ahead, and that looks increasingly rocky, writes Richard Holden.


If the GFC is any guide, we should expect after-shocks from Grexit to rumble far from the epicentre, writes Richard Holden.

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

From leading virtual teams to the front line of big data in marketing, read the latest research and analysis from UNSW's Business School.

virtual teams

Advances in communications technology have paved the way for teams of people to collaborate virtually, unrestricted by geography or time zones. But understanding how best to manage and motivate these teams is still in its infancy.

female manager

The media's portrayal of two high-profile bank CEOs – Mike Smith at ANZ and Gail Kelly at Westpac – during the GFC reveals the gender bias inherent in leadership perceptions, a new analysis shows.

Toy cars

When one party to a transaction knows more about the deal than the other it has an impact on market activity and changes the way we interact with the world, writes Richard Holden.

Federal Budget.jpg

Academics from UNSW Business School will give their independent analysis of the 2015 Federal Budget in a live round table discussion on Wednesday.