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When one party to a transaction knows more about the deal than the other it has an impact on market activity and changes the way we interact with the world, writes Richard Holden.

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Academics from UNSW Business School will give their independent analysis of the 2015 Federal Budget in a live round table discussion on Wednesday. 


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If Abbott fails to hold on to leadership, history will record it was economics that did him in, writes Richard Holden.

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David Murray, the Chairman of the Financial System Inquiry, and the RBA’s Guy Debelle will speak on Global Financial Stability at the UNSW Businesss School's Australasian Finance and Banking Conference next week

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All borrowing, whether domestic or foreign, entails a tax impost.This borrowing is only justified if it is to fund long-lived public goods that I, and others, benefit from collectively, writes Peter Swan.

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Competition Policy Review Chair Ian Harper and UNSW's Fred Hilmer are among experts speaking at a UNSW competition law and policy conference on Wednesday 6 August.