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ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr should sign no contracts until after the election, keeping options open while Canberra takes stock of where it is going, writes Jenny Stewart.

Working mother

Provisions that help women in the workplace are too easily traded away in enterprise bargaining, writes Sue Williamson.


Australia’s new Defence White Paper released last week has exposed at least three gaps in the country’s cyber defences, according to senior researchers at UNSW Canberra.

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With the release of the Defence White Paper and pledges of an additional $30 billion in funding over the next decade, UNSW experts -- including one of the paper's authors -- are available for comment.


The unicorn bubble could be about to pop, writes Usman W. Chohan.

army hat

There's danger in linking your national identity too closely to your military history, write Peter Stanley and James McConnel.


Termites might be known for their destructive powers, but new research shows they have innate restraint and an understanding of engineering that would make a master builder weep.


Algorithms and software do not muse about global economic events; they merely chase mechanical patterns that they are programmed to find, writes Usman W. Chohan.


To increase public transport use requires a holistic approach, writes Jenny Stewart.


UNSW Canberra graduate Lieutenant James ‘Jimmy’ Haw will head to Oxford University next year to study Anthropology after being named the 2016 Rhodes Scholar, Australia at Large.