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Where Russia broke the cardinal rule of doping – don’t get caught – the anti-doping regime has broken a cardinal rule of nature: don’t poke the Russian Bear, writes Jason Mazanov.


Why is it that we want strong democracies for ourselves, but "economic czars" for others, asks Usman Chohan.

Africa budget

Greater transparency in budgeting can lead to better economic outcomes and strong democracies. Australia offers some lessons on how to achieve this, writes Usman W. Chohan.

Cyber attack

The US and the UK realise the urgent need for serious investment in cybersecurity. So why is the Australian government taking the issue so lightly, ask Greg Austin and Jill Slay.


How grounded in strategic reality is the Australian government’s decision to purchase 12 new submarines, asks Greg Austin.

tax return

It might sound odd to us in Australia, but Norwegians have been able to see how much their fellow citizens earn, and how much tax they pay, for centuries, writes Usan W. Chohan.


The debate about online privacy versus the battle against crime was given new life this week with an attempt in Brazil to ban the popular messaging application WhatsApp, writes Jill Slay.

Michaelia Cash

Until now, there has been a lack of any whole-of-government strategy for gender equality for public employees, writes Sue Williamson.


ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr should sign no contracts until after the election, keeping options open while Canberra takes stock of where it is going, writes Jenny Stewart.

Working mother

Provisions that help women in the workplace are too easily traded away in enterprise bargaining, writes Sue Williamson.