UNSW City Futures Research Centre

apartment building in Sydney

The step-by-step guide helps strata property owners and managers with the process of identifying and rectifying defects in apartment buildings.

ageing couple holding hands

A little support could go a long way to help us stay in our homes and age with grace.

Person holding French Bulldog and plant sitting on couch in apartment.

NSW pet tenancy laws do not reflect the needs of society, with strata by-laws impacting the vulnerable, say UNSW experts.

uber eats rider

Tonight I’ll be having new cycling lanes with a side of bike parking.

Suburban houses

Key property market metrics, before and during the coronavirus pandemic, are displayed in real-time on an interactive map.

Women in city at night

Freely available public data could help shape better cities that are accessible and inclusive.

tiny house

There has been significant growth in small house living, but that doesn’t mean Australia should go big on them.

multiple generations

Living with your parents is not all about saving money or free childcare, says Dr Edgar Liu from UNSW’s City Futures Research Centre.

Opal Tower

From Opal Tower to Sculpture by the Sea, we look back on the top UNSW Built Environment stories in 2019.

middle aged share house

Move over uni students, there’s a newer, mature share house in town.