UNSW Engineering

Murray Island

What does it mean to be an engineer? Four students found the answer in the Torres Strait, as part of an innovative course that is transforming lives. 


It took 10 years and several billion kilometres for space systems engineer Sean Tuttle to learn that his ingenuity had paid off. 

Zeina Tebbo

Starting university can be challenging. Adapting to a new environment, new friends, and for some a new country, can be a lot of pressure in the first few weeks, writes Zeina Tebbo.


Every year, some 18,000 engineering jobs need to be filled, and only 6,000 come from Australian graduates – the rest come from overseas. It’s one of the many reasons UNSW has turned to young women.


One of the scourges of hospital infections – biofilms formed by bacteria that stick to living tissue and medical instruments – can be tricked into dispersing with the targeted application of nanoparticles and heat.


It’s the perennial question of romantics and cardiologists alike – how do you mend a broken heart?


The Commonwealth Bank and the University of New South Wales have announced a $1.6 million, five-year partnership to develop a centre of expertise for cyber security education and research aimed at boosting the nation’s paucity of quality security engineering expertise.

16 RoboCup web

Australia faces an artificially intelligent invasion in 2019, when hundreds of robots descend on Sydney to battle for coveted RoboCup world titles. 

online learning

Students are more likely to drop-out of online courses  – but not if the learning experience is well designed, writes Dror Ben-Naim.


A UNSW engineer has been recognised by the prestigious MIT Technology Review for his pioneering research building miniaturised systems that separate the rare cells of the human body.