UNSW Engineering

Laura Sacks

Not every 23-year-old can hope to have to their views presented to leaders of the world’s largest economies. But UNSW student Laura Sacks will have that chance as a delegate at the Y20 Youth Summit.


Good communication, speed, and lots of practice are the keys to winning robot soccer, writes Sean Harris.


American cosmologist Neil deGrasse Tyson has gushed about the prospects of mining in space. Could it really deliver world peace, or will it be just another realm for competition and conflict, asks Andrew Dempster.


You’ve heard of swotting – locking yourself away to cram before an exam. Now a group of 100 UNSW students are perfecting the art of un-swotting – learning through connecting and conversing. 


UNSW’s team of student engineers and soccer playing robots is heading to China to defend their World Championship title at RoboCup 2015.


The completion of the new Ainsworth Building marks the beginning of a new era for the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. 


An innovative 'Resilience Index' that measures the ability of communities to cope with natural disasters, developed by two UNSW Engineering students, has won first-prize in a national competition to address the challenges of climate extremes.


UNSW has again dominated the annual Top 100 Most Influential Engineers in Australia with 22 researchers and alumni appearing on this year's list.

Wind farm

Wind turbines do produce noise and infrasound – but the link to ill-health is far from clear and requires more investigation, writes Con Doolan.

Nathan Adler

A giant robotic PacMan game with glowing LED adorned ghosts, designed and built by UNSW students, will feature in the Vivid Sydney light festival. The game will be on display in Martin Place from 22-24 May and from 29-31 May.