Temple of Baal Shamin Palmyra

Islamic State is copying the Nazis in selling valuable artefacts to fund its atrocities and destroying significant cultural sites, writes Lucas Lixinski​.

Law, scales

Australia’s method of appointing judges to its highest courts is opaque and informal, writes Andrew Lynch.

Bronwyn Bishop

It is obvious that the system of parliamentary entitlements for federal politicians needs root and branch reform, writes George Williams.

26 Prime Minister Tony Abbott 0 0

Tony Abbott’s refusal to back Indigenous-only conventions is disappointing, writes Paul Kildea.


The UNSW Social Policy Research Centre will host a debate about whether people with disabilities should ever legally require substitute decision-makers. 


The first Aboriginal Australian elected to a United Nations body is leading 
the push for public law solutions to the nation’s most serious and long-standing human rights issue.


You’ve heard of swotting – locking yourself away to cram before an exam. Now a group of 100 UNSW students are perfecting the art of un-swotting – learning through connecting and conversing. 

Queen Elizabeth

A significant shift has occurred in the ALP on the idea of Australia becoming a republic, writes George Williams.


Police accountability and transparency will be the focus of a debate at NSW Parliament House next Thursday 30 July, hosted by UNSW Law and the Redfern Legal Centre.

Dawn in Bagan

As part of its democratisation process, Myanmar needs an impartial institution to determine the constitutionality of legislation and hear disputes between levels of government, writes Melissa Crouch.