deep sea

We need to ensure that environmental and social safeguards are in place before commercial deep seabed mining operations begin, writes Aline Jaeckel.


Armed with a video camera, ten UNSW Law students have ventured across the Great Dividing Range into Wiradjuri country, seeking insights into life for the region's Aboriginal people.

Megan Davis

When it comes to Indigenous recognition, there is far too much reliance on the constitution to achieve things it simply cannot do, writes Megan Davis.


In 2015, 10 UNSW Law students headed to central west NSW to learn more about the Wiradjuri Aboriginal community.

United Nations flag

Australia is happy to set down standards for other nations, but bristles when these same rules are applied to itself, writes George WiIlliams.


The Diplomacy Training Program, based at UNSW Law, and its alumni have won a prestigious human rights award from Australia’s peak body on international development and humanitarian action.


A strong public domain provides significant economic benefits, so perhaps it is time to limit copyright longevity, writes Catherine Bond.

refugees welcome

The government’s response to the cancellation of the visit by the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants is evidence of the bewildering doublethink regarding Australia’s “legitimacy” as an international leader, UNSW's Human Rights Clinic says.


Far from making us safer, legislation allowing Australian citizenship to be stripped from dual nationals would make matters worse, writes George Williams.


Students graduating from UNSW Law will work with one of the profession’s most senior recruiters to forge industry links and help build career opportunities.