The government’s loss of the Solicitor-General's legal acumen and integrity is only the first blow. More serious is the harm done to the office itself, writes Gabrielle Appleby.


The International Criminal Court's sentence against Al-Mahdi for destroying ancient artefacts at Timbuktu sends the right message about the importance of cultural heritage, but it misses a valuable opportunity, write Lucas Lixinski and Sarah Williams.


Just how widespread is the exploitation of foreign workers in Australia? A UNSW Law academic is part of a new research project designed to find out.


We can thank a single-minded mother for nurturing the ambition of former Chief Justice of the High Court Sir Anthony Mason.


A national anti-corruption body is needed to help keep politicians and public servants accountable, George Williams writes.


Promoting competition between banks could mean a better experience for customers, writes Rob Nicholls.


Sir Anthony Mason and Professor George Williams will discuss past trends and future challenges for Australian law and government in the inaugural Mason Conversation at UNSW on Tuesday 4 October. 


asylum seekers

The pledges made by Australia at yesterday's refugee summit in New York are welcome, but fall far short of what is required to make any significant difference to global protection needs, writes Jane McAdam.

Same-sex marriage

The poor fit between the plebiscite question on same-sex marriage and the legal change required could be a significant problem, writes George Williams. 

Park(ing) day

This Friday is PARK(ing) Day, when people pay a parking meter then turn the space into a pop-up parklet. It's a day that invites citizens to rethink the city and their place in it, writes Amelia Thorpe.