Campaigners for Indigenous rights

'The Forgotten People' signals the ongoing commitment by leading conservative figures to have the Australian Constitution recognise indigenous peoples, writes George Williams.


Recent history tells us that we should be cautious about newly minted prime ministers promising to fix the federation, writes Paul Kildea.


A knee-jerk reaction to the Brussels bombings is not the answer. We need a calmer, more nuanced approach, writes Fergal Davis.


A focus on collaboration between nations, rather than on shutting borders, is the key to countering terrorism, writes Christopher Michaelsen.


UNSW Law has risen two places to 13th in the 2016 QS rankings, joining Accounting and Finance as the University's top ranked subjects. In its best result to date, UNSW now has 21 subjects in the world’s top 50.


The principle of treating someone as innocent until they are proven guilty no longer exists, writes George WIlliams.


UNSW has announced the appointment of eminent constitutional lawyer Professor George Williams as the Dean of the Faculty of Law.


The promotion of cycling must include significant investment in infrastructure and law reform that legitimises the cyclist as an equal and vulnerable road user, write Gabrielle Appleby and Adam Webster.

Jacqui Lambi network

In a democracy, voters should determine who is elected to Parliament. The Senate electoral system fails this test, writes George Williams.

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The federal government is determined the non-binding vote will go ahead despite it being legally redundant, a $160 million drain on the public purse and an opportunity for people to denigrate same-sex relationships, writes George Williams.