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The government’s response to the cancellation of the visit by the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants is evidence of the bewildering doublethink regarding Australia’s “legitimacy” as an international leader, UNSW's Human Rights Clinic says.


Far from making us safer, legislation allowing Australian citizenship to be stripped from dual nationals would make matters worse, writes George Williams.


Students graduating from UNSW Law will work with one of the profession’s most senior recruiters to forge industry links and help build career opportunities.

Law student

If you don't want to be a lawyer, choosing to study law as a 'generalist' degree could be a terrible waste of time, writes Cathy Sherry.


UNSW Law has been named as joint winner of a national award for ongoing work that supports the safety and wellbeing of Australian children and families.


The international law expert talks about her solitary, often nail-biting treks and why we shouldn’t mess with Mother Nature. 

China Connection

An initiative of UNSW Law puts the Faculty at the forefront of understanding China’s business environment. 


The idea of a judge determining the credibility or completeness of their own version of events is simply indefensible, writes Gabrielle Appleby.


In Australia, the slightest whiff of the political about a judicial decision is apt to set off a frenzy of indignation, writes Robert Woods.

Migrants on the Greek island Kos

When we talk about the migration "crisis" in Europe we risk confusing cause and effect and we help justify special policy responses that are often outside the law, writes Jane McAdam.