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Our bumper Summer issue looks at the future of Sydney, a city beautiful one day, infuriating the next. What will it take to make Sydney smarter and more liveable, and at the same time ensure its citizens' interests are truly valued?


In the latest issue of UNSW Magazine, we meet our three new Deans and hear about the creative and innovative thinking that is their driving force.

Mike Manefield

A common fabric dye pumped into coal seams could hold the key to increased gas yields and reduced emissions, marking a major step forward in the transition to a cleaner energy future.

Solange Cunin

Australia’s first payload of scientific experiments blasts off for the International Space Station in November, thanks to a group of high schoolers and UNSW space entrepreneur Solange Cunin. 

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The latest books by UNSW academics.


The man in charge of attracting the best and brightest students to UNSW explains why sometimes you need to take a leap into the unknown.


Charlotte Brontë transformed her lived experience into the world of Jane Eyre. Now a lavishly illustrated book will explore the famous author’s romantic realism.

Ian Jacobs

Welcome to the Winter issue of UNSW magazine.


"I wanted the installation to be carnivalesque – like a kitsch love-o-meter,” says Edison Chen of I LOVE YOU, the installation that captured hearts at this year’s Sydney Vivid.


In a world impacted by poverty and natural disasters, David Sanderson – the inaugural Judith Neilson Chair in Architecture – is teaching his students to build resilience, not skylines.