UNSW Medicine


In most Australian states, if you have certain STIs, you have a legal responsibility to notify your potential sexual partners, Dr Denton Callander writes.


Three world-changing Australians with ties to UNSW have been recognised for their global impact and leadership.


Professor Rakesh Kumar is retiring from UNSW Medicine after an innovative research career and many, many memorable lectures.


Before choosing the more costly in-patient option for rehabilitation after knee replacement surgery, consider out-patient rehab, which delivers results just as quickly, Justine Naylor writes.


Personalised medicine for childhood cancers in Australia is a step closer thanks to the Zero Childhood Cancer program’s national clinical trial launched today.


A UNSW study has found immunisation policy for refugees differs substantially across states and territories, highlighting the need for a national strategy.


Hospital infection control guidelines worldwide have long recommended surgical masks for infections spread by droplets, but UNSW research challenges that approach.


A crucial figure in the history of UNSW Medicine, Professor Walter Ernest "Darty" Glover, has been farewelled by his former colleagues and friends.


Commemoration ceremonies by medical students are helping to shake off anatomy’s dubious history, Nalini Pather and Goran Štrkalj write.


UNSW research has offered completely new thinking on stroke, building on knowledge about the protein tau in Alzheimer’s disease.