Carl Cincinnato

UNSW alumnus Carl Cincinnato has launched a migraine management system that has already prevented 2,500 migraine attacks.

World Trade Center and how it collapsed

What caused the collapse of the World Trade Center? How could buildings and cities be better evacuated in the event of a bombing? Find out in this latest episode of Catastrophic Science, the series exploring the life-saving research resulting from catastrophes.


Scientists at UNSW Australia are working with collaborators to bring back an extinct and rather special amphibian.

Andrea Morello PM prize 1

A YouTube series on quantum mechanics starring electrical engineer Andrea Morello has attracted almost 130,000 views in its first fortnight.

A UNSWTV video on beach safety that has been viewed by thousands of people has won an Australian Safer Communities Award.

Ken hillman

One doctor's determination has revolutionised emergency medicine. In the March/April edition of Uniken UNSW's Professor Ken Hillman tells us about his life-saving approach.

Uni TV, a regular half-hour television show produced by the UNSWTV media team, premieres this week.