Verity Firth

Fred and Verity

It's official. UNSW's new Chemical Sciences Building and Analytical Centre is open for business.

Schiz inside

Premier Morris Iemma has announced an additional $2.45 million to support the schizophrenia research which is underway at UNSW and the Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute.

Research inside

UNSW has received $6m as part of a $15m NSW Government funding package that aims to advance Australia's research priorities and build new world-class research facilities.

Stem cell inside

The NSW Minister for Science and Medical Research has opened the inaugural Stem Cell Symposium at UNSW, announcing that half a million dollars will be given to stem cell research.

Philip Hogg inside

UNSW has been awarded almost seven million dollars in funding for cancer research from the NSW government. UNSW was awarded more than any other institution in the state.