UNSW's contributions to the Vivid festival sparkle with electrical energy, emotion and creativity.


"I wanted the installation to be carnivalesque – like a kitsch love-o-meter,” says Edison Chen of I LOVE YOU, the installation that captured hearts at this year’s Sydney Vivid.


UNSW Bachelor of Design Honours student Nila Rezaei and UNSW Engineering graduate Nathan Adler discuss their installation work, Exterminia, created for the Sydney Vivid Festival. 


A luminous kind of sea creature in the guise of a piece of public furniture has washed up on the water’s edge at Walsh Bay for Sydney's Vivid Festival.


This year marks the largest UNSW presence at Sydney’s Vivid Festival with a “kitsch Love-O-Meter” designed by UNSW students taking centre-stage as one of the Festival’s most popular installations.


UNSW researchers are merging art and technology in an interactive event for the Vivid Festival that aims to better understand what causes anxiety.

pac-man ghost

A giant robotic Pac-Man game with glowing LED adorned ghosts, designed and built by UNSW students, will feature in Sydney’s Vivid light festival.