World bank

The elderly in Southeast Asia are at greater risk of poverty amidst major shifts in labour markets, technology and deficient social protection policies. Photo: Shutterstock

CEPAR researchers are working with the World Bank and the Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning to create a powerful social policy tool to improve the economic welfare of millions of people.

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Donald Trump's pick to head the World Bank could well weaken the organisation's importance in international development and finance.


Two UNSW students have visited the epicentre of global affairs and policy, attending the World Bank and IMF annual meeting in Washington DC as Global Voices scholars.


The World Bank risks looking hypocritical and becoming redundant if it doesn't improve its own management, writes Usman W. Chohan.


UNSW’s Peter Saunders has been appointed to the World Bank Commission on Global Poverty.


While it is better to join now than not, we have lost respect and influence by procrastinating on membership of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, writes Ross Buckley.