ANNUAL 2016 exhibition showcases latest creative talent

A 3x3 metre boulder activated by a rock-climbing performance and wearable perfume bottles filled with anxiety reducing oils are just some of the works in this year’s UNSW Art & Design graduating exhibition.

A 3x3 metre boulder activated by a choreographed rock-climbing performance and wearable perfume bottles filled with anxiety reducing oils are just some of the works on display at this year’s UNSW Art & Design graduating exhibition from 29 November – 10 December.

The ANNUAL 2016 is Australia's largest national showcase of graduate contemporary art, design and creative media work.

The exhibition is the most significant event of the calendar for final year students across the disciplines of art, design, digital media, sound, and filmmaking. In addition to being a rite of passage for graduating students from the world of study to work, the exhibition represents Australia’s next generation of creative thinkers, practitioners, and leaders. 

Encompassing multi-site exhibitions and screenings, the 2016 A&D ANNUAL features an unmatched array of new work by almost 200 participating creatives spanning installation, animation, digital media and film, visual communication and graphic design, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, sound, spatial design, furniture and jewellery, textile design, design for social innovation, ceramics and more.

In 2016 the ANNUAL exhibitions and screenings are presented at venues on and off campus including; ADspace, Kudos Gallery, UNSW Galleries, the Chauvel Cinemas, Blackbox, UNSW Art & Design campus courtyard and the Australian Design Centre.

Graduating students include:

Elle van Uden – Bachelor of Fine Arts: Uden has designed and built a 3x3 metre monolithic boulder in the courtyard of UNSW Art & Design. Uden will ‘activate’ Flux at the exhibition opening with a choreographed rock climbing performance. As her body performs on the sculpture the boulder will simultaneously create and notate the flow of her movement. 

Cynden Adams – Bachelor of Design: Adams has designed an ethically produced clothing range. Guardian: Made in Cambodia was designed in response to the low income and hazardous working conditions of garment factory workers in Cambodia. The collection visualises the repetitiveness of garment factory work through open and closed seams, darts and hems that have the repetitive qualities of factory labour.

Alana Hickson – Bachelor of Design: Hickson has created Strong Women, a graphic design project that aims to encourage self-awareness and respect among high school girls. Hickson has also developed an educational resource for primary school children called Replenish Our Reef explaining coral reef erosion.

Rebecca Liston – Bachelor of Design (Hons): Liston has designed a range of wearable perfume bottles called Age of Anxiety to explore how touch and scent can help relieve anxiety. The bottles attach to magnetic wrist pieces and are filled with essential oils to relieve anxiety, while their small size also allows them to be used as fidget objects.

Lachlan Paull – Bachelor of Media Arts: Paull is an aspiring Sydney filmmaker who has made a 30-minute documentary Gathering Grooves, a series of intimate interviews with avid collectors of vinyl records. 

Locations and opening dates:

UNSW Galleries –  the largest exhibition spaces located on the Art & Design Paddington campus. This part of the Annual 16 showcases the broadest selection of creative disciplines. UNSW Galleries extend over two floors and the exhibition continues into the central courtyard on campus. See a diverse array of creative work spanning: painting, drawing, photography, spatial design, graphic design, object design, printmaking, performance, installation and sculpture. Opening 29 November 5–9pm, UNSW Art & Design campus, corner of Oxford Street and Greens Road, Paddington.

Kudos Galleries – a historic and dynamic exhibition space led by students and the site for more than 30 exhibitions each year. For the ANNUAL 16 explore work by postgraduate students encompassing contemporary art and a diverse range of design practices. Opening 29 November 5–9pm, one block from the UNSW Art & Design campus, 6 Napier Street, Paddington.

Chauvel Cinema – a major inner city screen venue – will present the best films, videos, and animations produced by students specialising in traditional filmmaking, stop-motion, motion-capture, claymation, and special effects. Screening 9 December 6–9pm at the Chauvel Cinema, 249 Oxford Street, Paddington.  

Australian Design Centre – one of the nation's leading and most prestigious design and innovation centres – has curated a selection of projects by 11 design graduates titled Designing Bright Futures and featuring new work encompassing object, spatial, graphics, textiles, and interactive design. Designing Bright Future: Opening 1 December, 6-8pm, 101–115 William Street, Darlinghurst.

Black Box – a large volume media and technology production space on UNSW Art & Design's Paddington campus  – is the perfect place to explore interactive installations. Opening 29 November 5–9pm, D Block on the UNSW Art & Design campus, corner of Oxford Street and Greens Road, Paddington.

ADspace – a project and exhibition space located on the UNSW Art & Design Paddington Campus – features new work by graduating students. Opening 29 November 5–9pm, E Block on the UNSW Art & Design campus, corner of Oxford Street and Greens Road, Paddington.