UNSW experts available for the Federal Budget 2017

Policy experts from UNSW are available to give analysis of the 2017 Federal Budget when it is handed down on Tuesday 9 May 2017.


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Subject area experts from UNSW are available to give analysis of the 2017 Federal Budget when it is handed down on Tuesday 9 May 2017.

Additionally, experts from UNSW’s Business School will give their independent analysis on key budget measures during a roundtable on Thursday 11 May, in Sydney’s CBD. This will be live streamed and available as a podcast to download at http://business.unsw.edu.au/budget


Associate Professor Dale Boccabella

Expert areas: Can discuss taxation of trusts, fringe benefits, capital gains and corporate tax.

Contact: 02 9385 3365 | 02 9874 2539 | d.boccabella@unsw.edu.au

Professor Neil Warren

Expert areas: Neil can provide a full assessment of the taxation implications for various sectors, public sector economics with a special focus on taxation policy and distributional issues. Contact: 02 9385 9542 | n.warren@unsw.edu.au

             Professor John Taylor

Expert areas: International/Cross Border taxation, Corporate Tax, property taxes including Capital Gains Tax and Negative Gearing.

Contact: 02 9385 3292 | 0425 368865 | c.taylor@unsw.edu.au

Ms Kathrin Bain

Expert areas: Kathrin can discuss GST compliance, Alternative tax models, and tax simplification.

Contact: 02 9385 9541 | k.bain@unsw.edu.au 

Competition and consumer law

             Dr Rob Nicholls

Expert areas: Competition and consumer law, regulations and governance. Contact: 0412 646477 | r.nicholls@unsw.edu.au


             Professor John Piggott

Expert areas: John is an expert in superannuation and taxation, and is Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research.

Contact: 02 9385 5903 | j.piggott@unsw.edu.au

Senior Lecturer Gordon Mackenzie

Expert areas: Taxation of Superannuation, self-managed super funds.

Contact: 02 9385 9521 | 0423 477294 | gordon.mackenzie@unsw.edu.au 

Professor Hazel Bateman

Expert areas: Pensions, asset tests, any aspect of superannuation.

Contact: 02 9385 3096 | 0419 290402 | h.bateman@unsw.edu.au


Professor James Morley

Expert areas: Macroeconomics, finance, interest rates, unemployment.

Contact: 02 9385 3366 | 0406 842 550 | james.morley@unsw.edu.au

Professor Richard Holden

Expert areas: Macroeconomic impacts, specify housing, tax and negative gearing. He will also be in the Budget lockup on Tuesday night, and can give his reaction to key budget areas.

Contact: 02 9385 4700 | richard.holden@unsw.edu.au


             Scientia Professor Mark Harris

Executive Director Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity

Expert areas: Hospitals funding, private health insurance, Medicare.

Contact: 02 9385 8384 | 0400987899| m.f.harris@unsw.edu.au

Housing affordability

              Professor Hal Pawson

              Expert areas: affordable and social housing, private rental housing, urban renewal

              h.pawson@unsw.edu.au | 0421 335 628

              Professor Bill Randolph

              Expert areas: housing policy, urban development and metropolitan planning policy issues

              Contact: b.randolph@unsw.edu.au | 0409 917 805