Senior tax appointment for UNSW expert

Leading taxation academic Professor Robert Deutsch has been appointed Deputy President of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

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Professor Robert Deutsch, Australian School of Business.

Leading taxation academic from the Australian School of Business, Professor Robert Deutsch, has been appointed Deputy President of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

Professor Deutsch’s appointment was recently announced by Federal Attorney-General Nicola Roxon. “I offer my congratulations to all those who have been appointed ... and look forward to the contribution each will make to administrative justice in their new roles,” Ms Roxon said.

The AAT provides independent merits review of administrative decisions made by Australian Government ministers, agencies and other tribunals.

Professor Deutsch said he was honoured by the appointment, “The AAT is the first level in the judicial system at which tax cases get to be heard. My new role will effectively involve sitting as the Tribunal decision maker on various disputes mostly related to Federal tax matters. I hope to achieve well reasoned and balanced decisions based on a clear application of the law to the facts as presented.”

Professor John Taylor, Head of Taxation and Business Law at ASB said: “I would like to congratulate Professor Deutsch on his prestigious new role. Professor Deutsch has a long and distinguished career in taxation with expertise across company taxation, international tax and the carbon and mining taxes.”

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