2016 Federal Election: experts available

Are you looking for experts to comment on specific election issues? UNSW academics are available to discuss key election policies and proposals.

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Alex Broom, Professor of Sociology
Expert areas: Health-related issues from a social perspective (such as euthanasia)
Contact: 02 93852829 | a.broom@unsw.edu.au

Professor Louisa Jorm - UNSW’s Centre for Big Data Research in Health
Expert areas: using big data to reign in healthcare spending and improve the healthcare system
Contact: |l.jorm@unsw.edu.au

Scientia Professor Mark Harris – UNSW Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity
Expert areas: Health Care Home trial proposal and its implications for the way GPs deliver care to the chronically ill
Contact: 9385 8384 | m.f.harris@unsw.edu.au

Professor Anthony Shakeshaft - UNSW’s National Drug and Alcohol Centre
Expert areas: taxation measures to reduce alcohol consumption and smoking
Contact: 9385 0333 | l.shakeshaft@unsw.edu.au 

Professor Maree Teesson- UNSW’s National Drug and Alcohol Centre
Expert areas: Are we doing enough to tackle mental health and substance use issues, which affect more than 300,000 Australians every year?
Contact:  9385 0167| m.teesson@unsw.edu.au


Associate Professor Dale Boccabella
Expert areas: Can discuss taxation of trusts, fringe benefits, capital gains and corporate tax.
Contact: 02 9385 3365 | 02 9874 2539 | d.boccabella@unsw.edu.au

Senior Lecturer Gordon Mackenzie
Expert areas: Taxation of Superannuation, self-managed super funds.
Contact: 02 9385 9521 gordon.mackenzie@unsw.edu.au

Professor Neil Warren
Expert areas: Neil can provide a full assessment of the taxation implications for various sectors, public sector economics with a special focus on taxation policy and distributional issues.
Contact: 02 9385 9542 | n.warren@unsw.edu.au

Associate Professor Fiona Martin
Expert areas: Tax transparency of multi-national corporations, GST, charities, not-for-profits, and indigenous Australians.
Contact: 02 9385 9558  f.martin@unsw.edu.au 

Professor John Taylor
Expert areas: International/Cross Border taxation, Corporate Tax, property taxes including Capital Gains Tax and Negative Gearing.
Contact: 02 9385 3292 c.taylor@unsw.edu.au

Lecturer Rob Nicholls
Expert areas: Superannuation, International Relations, regulations and governance
Contact:  r.nicholls@unsw.edu.au


Professor James Morley
Expert areas: Macroeconomics, finance, interest rates, unemployment.
Contact: 02 9385 3366  james.morley@unsw.edu.au

Professor Richard Holden
Expert areas: Macroeconomic impacts, business, and employment.
Contact: 02 9385 4700 | richard.holden@unsw.edu.au

Actuarial Studies

Professor Hazel Bateman
Expert areas: Pensions, asset tests, any aspect of superannuation.
Contact: 02 9385 3096 | h.bateman@unsw.edu.au

Professor Michael Sherris
Expert areas: Superannuation and taxation. Impact of the Budget on pensions.
Contact: m.sherris@unsw.edu.au


Professor Helen Lochhead
Expert areas: resilient cities, sustainability, urban regeneration, planning.
Contact: helen.lochhead@unsw.edu.au 

Professor Bill Randolph, Director, City Futures Research Centre
Expert areas: urban policy, housing Policy, housing affordability, housing quality, urban density and strategy.
Contact: b.randolph@unsw.edu.au

Professor Hal Pawson, Associate Director City Futures Research Centre
Expert areas: housing policy, social policy, urban policy.
Contact:  h.pawson@unsw.edu.au 

UNSW Canberra 

Senior Lecturer Lindy Edwards   
Expert areas: Australian politics, ideological debate,  economics, feminism         
Contact: l.edwards@adfa.edu.au  02 6268 6250

Professor Toni Erskine
Expert areas: International politics, ethics, moral agency; moral guidelines in the context of intelligence collection and cyber security,  issues of moral responsibility in technologies of war. 
Contact: t.erskine@unsw.edu.au  02 6268 6254

Dr Sue Williamson
Expert areas: Gender equality in the workplace, and public sector human resources and industrial relations, particularly enterprise bargaining, APS
Contact: s.williamson@adfa.edu.au 02 626 86227

Professor Jill Slay, Director of the Australia Cyber Security Centre
Expert areas: Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics, Critical Infrastructure Protection
Contact:  j.slay@adfa.edu.au 02 6268 8895

Professor Clinton Fernandes     
Expert areas: International relations, metadata, cyber security
Contact: c.fernandes@adfa.edu.au  02 6268 8847

Professor Tom  Frame
Expert areas: Moral issues, military history, ANZAC, Centenary
Contact:  t.frame@adfa.edu.au 02 6268 8865

Professor Greg Austin
Expert areas: Cyber security, international relations
Contact: g.austin@adfa.edu.au 02 6268 8897

Dr Keith Joiner
Expert areas: Strike fighter, helicopter contract, testing
Contact:  k.joiner@adfa.edu.au 02 626 88168

Dr Ned Dobos
Expert areas: Moral issues, ethics of war and political violence
Contact: n.dobos@adfa.edu.au 02 6268 6273