Ukraine invasion: Experts available for comment

UNSW has experts available for comment on the Ukraine invasion.

Photo of Kiev

Russia has launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. Photo: Pexels

For general media enquiries during business hours please call the UNSW Media team on (02) 9385 2864 and leave a message – we will return your call as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can email

  • Associate Professor Andrea Benvenuti, Politics & International Relations, UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture can discuss all aspects of the conflict: 0415 818 939. 
  • Professor David Kilcullen, International & Political Studies, UNSW Canberra, expert on Russian activity in Ukraine: or via Rachel Packham +61 2 5114 5568.
  • Dr Oleksandra Molloy, UNSW Canberra School of Aviation has can discuss all aspects of the conflict: 0449 797 215.
  • Associate Professor Elvira Sojli, UNSW Business School, can talk about economic sanctions against Russia from a cryptocurrency and financial markets standpoint: 0422 057 952.
  • Nigel Phair, UNSW Canberra, can discuss cyber-attacks: 0408 437 056.
  • Professor of Economics Valentyn Pachenko, UNSW Business School, can discuss the economic situation, impact of economic sanctions, how the war might impact the Australian economy, and SWIFT Interbank network to Russia.
  • Professor Jane McAdam AO, Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law at UNSW, is available for interviews about refugees fleeing Ukraine, contact via Lauren Martin: 0407 393 070.
  • Associate Professor Christopher Michaelsen, UNSW Law & Justice, is available to comment on economic sanctions, impact on international law and how the United Nations can help: