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An Antarctic odyssey; Australia's looming ‘China choice’; and a diminutive female android that interacts with humans – read the latest issue of Uniken in print, online or download the mobile app.

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Antarctica remains one of the last, great, unexplored regions on Earth and is a unique place to monitor the health of our planet, according to Professor Chris Turney, from UNSW’s Climate Change Research Centre.

In the cover story of the Winter issue of Uniken, Professor Turney outlines his plans to lead an expedition to retrace the footsteps of the famous Australian scientist and explorer Sir Douglas Mawson, a century after his original Antarctic expedition.

Setting out from Hobart in November, Professor Turney will lead 46 researchers and members of the public on a voyage to the frozen continent to repeat as many of Mawson’s scientific studies and measurements as possible.

“It’s going to be a cracking adventure and a scientific first in terms of the data we get,” Professor Turney predicts.

Also in the Winter issue, we look at Australia’s growing ties with China and ask the crucial question: will Australia soon be forced to make a choice between our traditional allies and our biggest trading partner?

We also reveal the smartphone app giving people with a visual impairment the freedom to explore their urban environment; we show how the simple act of making a will can resolve burial disputes in Aboriginal communities; and we introduce Diamandini, the diminutive female android that is challenging the way we interact with technology.

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