UNSW Sydney joins James Martin Institute for Public Policy

UNSW researchers will contribute to policy reform and innovation across the transition to net zero, the future of health care and more.

Peter Shergold and Libby Hackett

Chair of the JMI board Professor Peter Shergold and Chief Executive Libby Hackett. Photo: JMI

UNSW Sydney has joined the James Martin Institute for Public Policy (JMI), a ground-breaking government-university partnership aimed at transforming NSW public policy development.

JMI officially opened in 2021 with funding from the NSW government, the University of Sydney, Western Sydney University and UTS. It was set up to be an independent, enduring public policy institute that will solve complex public policy challenges through smart collaborations that harness world-leading research.

Vice-Chancellor and President of UNSW, Professor Attila Brungs, said the University was excited to be part of this important government-university partnership. “Joining JMI advances our long history of collaborating with government and other institutions to ensure the impact of our world-leading research. By working together, we can harness the multidisciplinary expertise needed to inform public policy that genuinely tackles emerging societal challenges, and ultimately, improves lives.”

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Since its launch, the James Martin Institute has delivered a range of collaborative projects in partnership with the NSW government in areas such as domestic violence, economic reform, resilience in remote schools, women’s economic opportunity and AI capability.

Charles Sturt University in Bathurst has also joined the Institute.

Chair of the JMI Board, Professor Peter Shergold, said that he was “deeply proud to welcome UNSW and CSU among our university partners, as we take this opportunity to scale up this truly unique venture for the public good”.

Chief Executive of JMI Libby Hackett said her organisation looked forward to working with the best and brightest minds from UNSW and CSU to tackle complex challenges.

UNSW researchers will contribute to the Institute’s activities including collaborative policy-making, building rapid response capability, awarding grants for applied policy research, and events and public engagement opportunities. They will work on policy reform and innovation across:

  • The new economy
  • Skills, education and equality
  • The transition to a new zero economy
  • The social and economic vitality of the regions
  • The future of health care and the care economy.

More information can be found on the JMI website.