UNSW top for first preferences in NSW/ACT for second year running

UNSW Sydney proves popular again with prospective students, who are being encouraged to enrol once they receive an official offer to secure their place. 

UNSW general campus library

UNSW has 20 subjects ranked in the top 50 globally.

UNSW Sydney has retained its position as the most popular university in NSW and ACT – receiving more first preferences from all prospective students for the second successive year.

UNSW secured a 16% share of first preferences, to take top spot once again. This is the first time that UNSW has been ranked number one for two consecutive years. 

Amongst school leavers, UNSW was the most popular institution of choice for more than 7800 students, marking a 4.5% growth compared with 2017.

“We are the university of choice for 2019 and are delighted to be welcoming a new cohort of students in February,” said David Straman, Head of Future Student Experience at UNSW.

“Prospective students still looking to secure an offer are encouraged to review their preferences by 21 January, before January Round 2 preferences close. UNSW will be making offers for a range of courses, but time is running out. 

“If prospective students would like to talk through their options further, they can contact our Future Student Advisors on 1300 UNI NSW (1300 864 679) who would be happy to help,” Mr Straman added. 

UAC January Round 2 offers will be released at 7.30am on January 25. 

Opportunities remain for those keen to study within the Business School and Arts & Social Sciences faculty.


UNSW’s enrolment dates have moved forward in 2019 to accommodate an innovative new academic calendar made up of three terms, known as UNSW3+, and those who receive an offer are being encouraged to take prompt action.

Students can now enrol annually, helping them to better plan their whole academic year. Annual enrolment will also ensure students secure a place in all their desired courses throughout 2019.

The new 3+ calendar means students undertake three (rather than four) courses per term, allowing them to focus more and gain a deeper understanding of each subject.

Another benefit is that students will have more opportunities for internships, volunteering and other extra-curricular activities.

The 3+ system also brings UNSW in harmony with international educational calendars to help students more easily integrate global experiences and foreign exchanges into their degree.