The Health-Science Alliance symposium - a meeting of great minds

Some of Australia's leading health professionals will share their thinking on cancer, neurodegeneration and mental health at the Third Annual Scientific Symposium of the Health-Science Alliance.

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Australia's first academic health science centre, The Health-Science Alliance (HSA), will showcase the endeavours of some of the best health professionals in Australia at the Third Annual Health Science Alliance Symposium.

UNSW researchers, including Associate Professor Claire Vajdic and Professor Lars Ittner, are among the leaders in their respective fields looking for solutions to a range of health issues.

The HSA’s third annual symposium – New alliances: Mindgardens and The Bright Alliance – will focus on key contemporary issues, including cancer, neurodegeneration and mental health. It will also provide a glimpse into how new alliances will accelerate understanding of these disorders and diseases and lead to better care, treatments and cures.

The alliances will provide comprehensive, high quality "one-stop shops" for patients and referring clinicians in the areas of cancer and neurosciences unparalleled in the Southern Hemisphere.

The HSA represents a unique partnership between 14 independent entities, co-located at the Randwick Hospitals Campus, UNSW and the University of Technology, Sydney.

The vision of the HSA is to work in unison to become the premier location in Australia for healthcare and opportunities in clinical teaching, medicine, nursing, allied health and medical research.

What: Third Annual Health Science Alliance Symposium - New alliances - Mindgardens and The Bright Alliance
When: Thursday, 27 November 2014, 9.00am to 4.30pm.
Where: Royal Hospital for Women lecture theatre, level 1, Women’s Health Institute, Barker Street, Randwick.

See the full program here.

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