Recognition for UNSW’s top science and engineering innovators

UNSW Professors Anne Simmons, Michael Frater and Michelle Simmons have been elected as Fellows of the prestigious Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.


Professor Michelle Simmons

UNSW Professors Anne Simmons, Michael Frater and Michelle Simmons have been recognised for their technological innovation by being elected as Fellows of the prestigious Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.

The 26 new Fellows elected by their peers for 2015 come from a wide array of disciplines including agriculture, engineering, water management, biotechnology, resources, chemicals, photonics, robotics and medical research.

Professor Anne Simmons AM, from UNSWs School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, is an outstanding innovator, mentor and role model for young women in engineering and has helped shape biomedical engineering in Australia.

She is one of the leading experts in Australia and prominent internationally in medical device technology innovation and commercialisation. Professor Simmons has had successful careers in both industry and academia. For nearly 20 years with the Nucleus Group, she was involved with the development, commercialisation and distribution of a range of novel medical devices and technologies.


(L-R) UNSW Professors Michelle Simmons, Michael Frater and Anne Simmons.

UNSW and Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Rector, Professor Michael Frater’s research has had a profound impact on communications technology in civilian and military applications worldwide. He has been a leader in international efforts to establish technologies and standards for video compression and has developed communication systems for military applications as well as underwater communications.

He is an authoritative consultant for government communications authorities in Australia and was communications adviser for the Athens Olympics. Through his leadership of UNSW Canberra at ADFA, he has developed the Academy into a formidable R&D support base for the Australian military.

Professor Michelle Simmons is ARC Laureate Fellow and Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology at UNSW. She leads a team of 180 researchers developing a radical, uniquely powerful, ultra-secure computing technology.

As a consequence of both her leadership of the Centre and her own ground-breaking research program in the development of atomic-scale electronics, Australian researchers are now at the international forefront of classical and quantum computing technologies in silicon.

Her research has important implications for the semiconductor industry and is anticipated to be transformational in the field of quantum computation.

The full list of 2015 Fellows is available on the ATSE website.